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AuthorClonkGhost Bear
BetatestingLieutenantSven2, ClonkPredatorX
Last changed05.03.2007 23:36
Ballistics for Clonk.

  Turn-by-Turn scenario created for Multiplayer playing, but also can be played alone. You controlling colored ball and you must bring it to exit. You able to collect bonuses for further use. Ball uses clonk physics but also can bounce walls(look into screenshot). Your ball is have (+) charge sign.

Bonuses: -Double Power (x2 speed of ball)
  -Half Power (x0.5 speed of ball)
  -Laser (Makes shot easier)
  -Lip on Wall (After hitting ball will lip on wall for a 1 turn)
  -High Friction (Greatly increases friction of ball what gaining him ability to not roll)
  -Low Friction (Greatly decreases friction of ball make him roll like on ice)
  -High Bouncing (Make ball bounce walls without losing XDir speed (Common bounce = 1/4 of XDir before hit))
  -Tera Flint (Ball will explode like teraflint after hit. You can use several bonuses to get chain of explosions. Any part of landscape is destroyable so you can dig yourself a second way)
    All bonuses can be combined together!

Speacial: -Magnets (There are (+) and (-) charge magnets which can move your ball away or near itself. Mostly just affects trajectory of fly)
  -Destructible Landscape (Using Tera-Flint bonus you can destroy any part of landscape)

  Controls are pretty simple:
  Left/Right adjusts fire angle (then more you pressing then fast cannon will spin)
  Up/Down stops spinning
  Throw fires your ball
  Special 2 opens menu where you can choose bonus

  -New scenario added (Landscape, Objects Mimmo. Balanced by Ghost Bear) It have high difficulty and for good players only :)

  -Mimmo joined team as Level designer! Welcome!

  -Another Stuck bug fixed
  -Magnets colibrated
  -New scenario added (Landscape JaeB_. Objects Ghost Bear)

  -JaeB_ joined team as Level designer! Welcome!
  -Bonus graphics renewed (in .png)!
  -Added new bonus - Tera-Flint(9 total)
  -Magnets + and - are added
  -Underwater stuck bug fixed

  -Looking for level designer(Maps should look like on second screenshot)

Date of publicationSoon...
User niveauExcellent  
02.02.2008 15:47, ClonkSebiXXX voted +, Influence 1
sieht lustig aus wo gibts das???
28.10.2007 14:38, ClonkWarwipf voted +, Influence 1
Macht sehr viel Spaß :)
25.05.2007 14:34, EnsignMega Hazard voted o, Influence 0.36
Was hat das mit Clonk zu tun?
Überhaupt welchen Sinn soll das haben?
03.03.2007 22:19, ClonkDeutscherJ voted +, Influence 1
I played it and I found it great;-)
01.03.2007 20:40, CCF TesterNachtschatten voted +, Influence 1
I understand what wrote on english but screens looks weird!!111
No, just kidding. ;) Actually, it sounds a bit like the game "The Incredible Machine" to me, which I enjoyed a lot. I hope your project will be just as much fun. Maybe you can also get some inspiration from there.
27.02.2007 20:52, ClonkTimmynator voted +, Influence 1
Yeah, please add a single player mode!
So it'll be perfect!
26.02.2007 17:52, ClonkJaeB_ voted +, Influence 1
Yeah! The scenario rultz! I very like it.
25.02.2007 11:31, ClonkDjNic voted +, Influence 1
That is only a good idee
23.02.2007 16:53, ClonkSpeed voted +, Influence 1
ehm more maps :D
- bugs :P
23.02.2007 08:24, ClonkCheater voted +, Influence 1
Your stuff's always interesting. +
22.02.2007 18:52, Professional AdminBoni voted +, Influence 1
Played it online. Like the idea. :)
22.02.2007 14:05, ClonkJossy2005 voted +, Influence 1
Nice idea, I think that szen will be very good!
21.02.2007 19:29, ClonkCaeser1993 voted +, Influence 1
Your ideas are awsome! :]
21.02.2007 15:27, Clonkluk001 voted +, Influence 1
Great Scenario, playing it is much fun!
20.02.2007 15:23, CCF TesterLuchs voted +, Influence 1
Ich find das ganze cool! (ich hab es schonmal übers Internet gespielt :))

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14.10.2011 11:42 from ColonelCmdr. Adler  
Würde so mancher sich nicht an deinen sogenannten "Kleinigkeiten" aufhalten, würde heute keine Sau mehr im CF die Baumstruktur beachten.

12.10.2011 22:30 from CaptainApfel  
Müsst ihr euch immer an diesen Kleinigkeiten aufhalten? .... immer dasselbe... wen störts denn, wenn irgendwer auf eine Projektseite etwas postet, das schon lange inaktiv zu sein scheint?
Last change: 12.10.2011 22:30

12.10.2011 21:45 from ColonelClonkGeist  
>wird er wohl schon 2 Jahre oder länger nicht mehr aktiv sein... ~.~
Sein letzter Kommentar stammt vom 02.05.2011.

12.10.2011 21:29 from MajorBloodrain  
Die Nachricht von dem jenigen der es offenbar noch hat ist von 2008!!! Da ich den Namen in der Zeit die ich auf'm CCF aktiv bin noch nie gehört habe wird er wohl schon 2 Jahre oder länger nicht mehr aktiv sein... ~.~

12.10.2011 16:15 from ClonkWipf1000  
Kannst du mir das pack Bitte auch schicken PLS  O_o

18.09.2010 13:37 from EnsignImperator71  
plz schickt mir das pack :DD

03.04.2008 23:27 from ClonkShockwave  
Ja ich schicks dir jetzt per e-mail.
Last change: 03.04.2008 23:31

29.03.2008 22:00 from ClonkSebiXXX  
hab im ccan nachgeschaut,gibts dort nich

04.02.2008 14:28 from ClonkShockwave  
Ccan oder bei mir.
Last change: 03.04.2008 23:31

02.02.2008 15:46 from ClonkSebiXXX  
Sieht lustig aus,wo gibts das???