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Welcome to Extreme Pack Increasing Complexity.
This pack is meant to make melees more strategically deep and interesting,
add balance and counters and have some base-building.
There is several big changes that probably forces you to change your play-style from your traditional clonk playstyle.
We are looking forward to any suggestions.
Remember we are not german, so if you want us to read what you write,
then write in english to us. German comments, suggestions and similar things will most probably be ignored.

Here is the Link for the current version of E.P.I.C --->

But before you start playing, please read the manual --->
http://www.pallkars.net/~zagabar/E.P.I.C_Manual.pdf (outdated, will be updated soon)



The page finally has been properly translated to german, but work is going on slowly. Our scripters are still busy with RL stuff, so we are searching for pretty good scripters!

OldNews (english only)


With every new update, we will add more features to the pack.
Here's a brief list of the current contents:
3 Melee Scenarios
6 different wound types
Enhanced damage system
Dozens of new objects
Hundreds of new tactics and strategies

Hills of Gore:

Hills of Gore is the standard map in this pack. The map itself is just a dynamic hilly landscape with some ores underground.
The goal is to defeat every enemy player. At start you will be moved to a random location. Then you'll have to choose a type of base.
There are three types of homebases: Airbase, Groundbase and Underground base.
Each type has it's pros and cons.
After some buildings are set up. You may build traps or attack an enemy player. You have tons of opportuninies.

Minor Woundbattle:

Minor Woundbattle is a remake of the good old Minor Melee. It contains the damage system and instead of just flints,
also E.P.I.C objects spawn underground. The maps goal is Melee and you have one relaunch.

Death Canyon:

Another remake of a famous Clonk map. Damage system is activated and many objects of E.P.I.C. are allowed to be used.
The goal is the same as before.

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15.06.2014 15:34 from EnsignViktor  
Here's my first version of a E.P.I.C. remake: https://ccan.de/cgi-bin/ccan/ccan-view.pl?a=view&i=6237
You might enjoy that!
Last change: 15.06.2015 01:12

09.02.2014 09:19 from EnsignTflk3  
^^ Thank you ^^

22.01.2014 18:21 from EnsignTflk3  
Hi I like to use the Funktion and Tunnel from the SuperShovel in my Pack as Spezial-Ability for my Ant-Queen. (Ant-Pack)
May I use this?

(Your Pack has the Right Name - EPIC - like it is)

13.01.2014 23:01 from EnsignPflaster  

13.01.2014 20:25 from CaptainDMan  
The good, old, E.P.I.C.
Thanks for uploading it. :)

13.01.2014 19:58 from ClonkWertilq  
Worry not RG's your wish have been heard! I have now uploaded this to CCAN!

13.01.2014 19:18 from ClonkWertilq  
We are not gonna work more on the pack, but I made sure you can download it from the link now! Don't worry, you wont need any torrentlinks and whatnot xD
Last change: 13.01.2014 19:19

10.11.2013 11:20 from CaptainDMan  
>Update:ich finde es nur noch auf diversen Torrentseiten.

Nenne doch ein paar dieser Seiten. :)

10.11.2013 01:55 from LieutenantJOK  
iirc kann / konnte man es irgendwo herunterladen. Ich habe es jedenfalls noch.

Update:ich finde es nur noch auf diversen Torrentseiten.
Last change: 10.11.2013 02:08

09.11.2013 20:01 from ColonelCmdr. Adler  
> TOP-Secret
> Wie währe es, wenn ihr es auf denn CCAN stellt?
> Letzte Änderung 27.03.2010 17:48
Muss man wirklich noch mehr sagen?

Mal wieder CCF-Kommentarfail.
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