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our mod is a total conversion mod focused on long and challenging cooperative settlement scenarios.
currently it cannot be uploaded here due to big it's size (16Mb). here a link for a temporary upload alternative:

to give you an overview of what it includes:

* enviorment rules
- groundwater: digging deep causes water dripping from walls (automatic placing of temporary water sources on water-permeable materials below the groundwater level). peach is needed to seal walls off. otherwise one will need pumps.
- gravity erosion: soft materials like earth could crumble from ceilings if pylons are not erected to stabilize it (using wood logs).
- evil crows: once players settlement is sufficiently developed crows start to spawn that attack the players. they'll retreat if injured and try to eat food to heal. they can even enter buildings and steal some content.
- cursed stones: the deeper one goes the higher the chance some of the mined stones might be cursed. a cursed stone might activate in the presence of a clonk and start haunting him (throwing himself onto the clonk causing damage).
- undermined basements: unlike the original clonk we allowed buildings only to be placed on solid ground. if there is none below the basement it begins to crumble and the building takes damage. so no buildings in the air anymore.
- no disappearing materials: digging will not make earth to simply disappear. earth clumps have been reworked quite a bit causing a major obstacle to digging deeper if not transported away.
- restricted fiel of view, torches to extend it
- many changes to the behaviors of different materials.

* settlement
- elevators and bridges: multiple different elevator + changes so that they can pass through bridges (solid mask disappears shorty to let the elevator pass). furthermore clonks can climb bridges up and down by using double down or up keys (walk ontop or hangle below). finally bridges were made let water pass through. also added cranes to transport larger objects like unplaced bridge elements, trains, ...
- ladders
- many changes to electricity + a hydroplant (from another mod) + "Stromturm" (works like an accumulator) + special info displays on power levels. many buildings have a more detailed engery mechanic. e.g. pumps consume energy depending on the pumping height and become less efficient when they have to pump water up very far up. elevators become slower with less energy.
- limited inventory for all buildings.
- most buildings need an operator in order to work.
- trade cantor with prices fluctuating with product availability, sell price < buy price,
- food production and housing building that can produce new clonks (with food and other stuff).
- extended chemical processing, added refinery and silo for processing of fluids, extended explosives.
- coking plant + forester hut with special production mechanism. also many changes to trees.
- mint + special interaction of coins with the trade contor and other buildings
- hydraulic jackhammer + compressors to power it (one mobile, one building)
- a lot of the magic stuff from the original mods: spells, amulets (i also added an amulet that allows the clonk to fly), potions, alchemy, magic bag (extends inventory), ...
- vehicle upgrades
- building repair option, decompose buildings
- deep sea buildings and resources (from original deep sea mod)
- diving equipment with diving help and air pimp (from another mod, reworked and adapted).

* other
- leg up ("Räuberleiter")
- clonk context menus: find object, display of connected lines (energy, pumps), activate/deactivate clonk, temporary takeover frindly clonk,
- special rules for leaving/joining the game such that players aren't reset if they leave a game and join it much later on. so clonks of players that leave are left in game.
- debugger clonk mr. fixit (invulerable, can move all objects around to unstuck them, delete them or create new ones).

things that are considered for rework/improvements in the future:
- energy system: cables with limited lengths, power poles, better and more realistic energy transfer between buildings.
- elevators: currently the one not using electric power is the most powerful one and that needs to change.
- crane: an elevator that can move on bridges thus transport stuff in two dimensions
- tree economy: a lot of wood is needed and constantly chopping trees is a boring activity. also the role of sawmill and forester house need to be rethought.
- some kind of tutorials are needed to explain many of the features of this mod. i started on a prototype for one but never finished it.
- some english translations are missing (the mod was played in german so far).

further remarks:
this mod was developed over the time of four years with long pauses in between. i and a two friends made it originally for ourselves and in the start it was just a compilation/adaptation of existing mods. but with time more and more improvements were made (until not much of the original code remained) and we added quite some stuff of our own. in the end nearly every object in clonk was altered. and at some point we realized how much work went into this project it was time
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I liked the chainsaw. ++
I liked the jackhammer. ++
I liked the tree append.++
There is a lot of bugs.--

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11.05.2014 10:49 from Professional AdminNachtfalter  
How about some pictures and text formatting? :)

05.05.2014 21:15 from MajorEnd  
Didn't tested yet (time :S), but you can ask Tyron for more filespace or upload it to CCAN, Clonk-Center or so.