What did I do? - A moffking. He is like a moff, but he has a tentacle to attack. - A Queen(Königin) from the eke pack. I did some changes in graphic and habilities. - I am doing a Muffuk mutation, but it is not ready yet.
Author: EnsignVagner
Last changed: 19.10.2012 18:29
Completion: Completed
Date of publication: 05/10/2012
User niveau: Excellent
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This project will be a expansion pack to ekereload

This is a Moffking a good killer stippell mutation.


This is the stippel brain reload.


This is a stippel Queen reload.


This is a very fast stippel mutation.


This is a stippel variation.


Download Here!


03.11.2012 12:07, LieutenantSir_Jones voted +, Influence 1
Stippels are always good!
09.10.2012 14:48, Professional AdminNachtfalter voted +, Influence 1
Why not?

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09.11.2012 21:46 from EnsignVagner  
Thank's for the commentary. I could do better in ekereload add-on, but i am doing a upgrade in dragon rock AI. I will try to do something new there.
Something like a autosufficient computer player.
Last change: 10.11.2012 10:17

08.11.2012 18:55 from EnsignEm-Eucarlo  
Well done, I like those AI fights like stippel or predator. I hope someone will create some levels with this!

06.11.2012 22:54 from EnsignVagner  
I done 95% from the project. I think in post it in one or two days.

10.10.2012 23:13 from CaptainDMan  
The Grafics are looking very nice, the Idea is nice, there are not enough Stippel-Fights (Melee) but i hope, that it will be.... Don't know how to say - an Add On, so that there is not... *brain timeout*

I will change this commentary tomorrow...

07.10.2012 11:03 from EnsignKenny  
Looks quite interesting from what I can see in these pictures. Keep it up!

06.10.2012 17:51 from EnsignVagner  
The stronghold idea is dead. I am doing something interesting now.

04.08.2012 16:22 from MajorChocobo  
Okay first you should hide the side and add some more stuff like text and pictures.

The Idea of Stronghold in Clonk isn't new but it's also hard to create.
There's a lot of stuff which is only more compatible with 3D, (Castles, big armies) and the implementation in 2D may be a bit complicated.

04.08.2012 11:31 from LieutenantxXxStormhunter20xXx  
Sounds good. Question: Will control the attacks of armies or individual clonk?

04.08.2012 04:17 from Ensignjeremyer  
pls hide the side until u have a design and konzept if u need help i can help you