Author: MajorClonkerAbi
Team: LieutenantWhite Wolf, LieutenantGrizzly, Lieutenantteddy, MajorChocobo*, EnsignFoaly*, CaptainDMan*
Last changed: 20.01.2013 11:19
Looking for: Scripter,Grafiker,Levelgestalter
Completion: Alpha (playable)
Date of publication: Already :)
User niveau: Excellent
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Member search: Graphic Creator, Scripter, Level Designer

Last changed: 22nd February 2013

The Team

ClonkerAbi (Author)

Foaly (Decorator, Scripter, Translator)

White Wolf (Weapon Helper)

End (Scripter)

Teddy (Graphics Creator)

Grizzly (HTML and CSS helper)

DMan (Translator)


Defending, Attacking, Settle

Many strategic rounds can be played with the pack.

Requirde ScenarioPacks for CA:

- Hazard.c4d

- ModernCombat.c4d

- CombatArmyObject.c4d

Newest News

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Old News


CA R1.0 Complete Packages = Deleted :(

CA R2.0 Complete Packages = Available


CA R3.0 Complete Packages = Available

CA R3.1 Complete Packages = In development!

Thanks To

Matthes Bender: For the Clonk game

Hazard Team: For the Hazard Pack

CMC Development Team: For presented the CMC

Other Developers: I take some of objects from their pack

ILUX: For testing and give a little idea for CA

Cmdr. Adler: For special support

All clonkers: Without you, this game is nothing ^^

Latest Developer Activity

Clonker Abi: Active

17th February 2013: Updating CSS

14th February 2013: Updating Knife and DoubleDecker

30th January 2013: Updating Double Decker and CA_SkyWar

29th January 2013: Updating HTML and Foldermap


Foaly: Busy

05th January 2013: Fix script


White Wolf: Unactive

2013: Nothing :(


End: Unactive

2013: Nothing :(


Teddy: Active

30th January 2013: Updating Graphic

18th January 2013: Updating Graphic


Grizzly: unknown status

2012: CSS help


DMan: Active

10th + 20th / 22nd February 2013: Updating HTML (Translate)

09.01.2013 00:37, CaptainDMan voted +, Influence 1
This project is fuckin' awesome! - I love it!

The Scenes, the objekts, really all!
07.01.2013 19:55, LieutenantxXxStormhunter20xXx voted +, Influence 0.75
CA is back :O ^^. Good!
+ Vote
09.01.2012 16:32, LieutenantGrizzly voted +, Influence 1
C&A: Preise gut alles gut!
29.12.2011 14:30, EnsignSaipoon voted +, Influence 1
good job my friend! ;)
18.10.2011 16:51, Captainsssssssssomesmiley voted +, Influence 1
I looooooooove this projekt.
17.10.2011 15:12, Lieutenantteddy voted +, Influence 1
I like this project because of the AI's in Army_War and the funny new weapons.
Furthermore, the "X Voltage Zooka" well done and very effective ^ ^
16.10.2011 20:36, EnsignHans-Peter voted -, Influence 0.04
Sory for the negative vote, but the grafics are very low. They have a qualitiy like Clonk Planet or older.
I would guess you to find a grafic-man.

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20.03.2013 18:10 from CaptainDMan  
Should I write it into the Newsbox including translation?

PS: Accept ftw!

14.03.2013 13:54 from MajorClonkerAbi  
How about this feature, clonkers? accept or no? :D You also can see it here if it's too slow
Thanks to everybody at clonk forum who help me!

Btw, sry if picture quality is low :p
Last change: 14.03.2013 13:59

14.03.2013 13:52 from MajorClonkerAbi  
No problem, anyone request this (truly, just 3 users request this. shame xD)
Just request it to me and don't worry :)

14.03.2013 13:43 from LieutenantWhite Wolf  
could I request for my portrait of mine in this project also ?? I am a team member, even do long time never help more ^^ I got school works, sorry! know do you that its more important

22.02.2013 15:05 from CaptainDMan  
Updated Translation and added a link in the "Links"-Corner.

21.02.2013 07:23 from MajorClonkerAbi  

21.02.2013 07:23 from MajorClonkerAbi  
Oh, looks a bug in Ipad browser comes again. It's because the resolution is too close, you can fix it by zoom-out you Ipad browser (it's can?)
when you zoom-out the browser maybe some new sidebar-menu will appear in your Ipad.

@Cmdr. Adler
Ah you're right, I remember when CPPP updated to be CCF. The CPPP project is moved to CCF too :)

21.02.2013 00:19 from ColonelCmdr. Adler  
I'm pretty sure he's going to make it easy for us, to port projects from CCF to FTW. Maybe he will port them himself.

But that point is far in the future. Let's just look what comes ahead of us. =)

20.02.2013 23:06 from CaptainDMan  
What are these little pics left of some comments from Users?

Edit: I know, what it is, but I think, the pictures doesn't match the page. - Abi, I will send you a picture of that, what I mean.

PS: Updated the project-page :)
Last change: 20.02.2013 23:25

17.02.2013 16:39 from MajorClonkerAbi  
whoa O: great, I'll love it! But I hate it when I must move this project to new site