Author: LieutenantMarky
Team: Lieutenant Colonelconstantin, Professional AdminNachtfalter
Last changed: 26.04.2014 20:04
Completion: Beta (half done)
Date of publication: probably never
User niveau: Excellent
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What is this about?
Inspired by Tyron's Golden Zap Edition I decided it was time to bring back the style of the classic Clonk games, such as Clonk Rage, to OpenClonk, while keeping the advantages of OpenClonk where it makes sense.

My goal is to expand the demo pack in small steps until the content of the basic Clonk Rage, excluding the addon packs, is completed. However, I do not want to recreate CR in all aspects, but rather improve it, so some of the CR concepts and mechanics may be scrapped in the process.

Accepted ideas
These may be implemented some time in the future.
- seasonal graphics for buildings (realized by attached meshes probably), [post v1.0]
- proper CR style trees with suitable graphics [v0.5]

Goals for the next release (v0.4)
I am waiting for feedback by the players :)

Currently in work
Nothing - v0.3 is released!

Finished work for next release
This is the stuff you are waiting for ;)

Accomplished goals
This has been done so far:
Release v0.3

- additional scenarios "Mountain Range", "Ashlands", "Valley of Kings"
- controls: changed control scheme back to default OC controls
- controls: continuous digging with the shovel
- controls: digging angle locked in 5° increments
- controls: adding materials to construction sites is possible with the interaction key
- animals: new graphics for fish
- animals: new animal piranha
- issues: material chunks do not work at the moment
- issues: removed context menu
- issues: removed attachable tools
- structures: chemical plant, pump, power plant, foundry, workshop, all 3 huts, castle, elevator, windmill

Release v0.2

- new lorry graphics
- windmill, works like OC windmill for now
- resource items in a more classic style: gold, rock, ore, ice, sand, crystal
- new/reworked control scheme, see below
- new/reworked materials, inspired by OC and GZE: loam, firestone
- new old materials: earth, sand and snow are diggable to material chunks if you press Dig while digging
- new old materials: oil, crystal
- zooming restricted between zoom factor 1 and zoom factor 2, adjustable per scenario
- some of the old animals: bird, fish and zap
- day- and night cycle for bird
- removed control scheme switcher
- hangling has a nicer movement flow
- classic buy and sell menu
- context menu with the interaction queue
- a quick port of the CR style trees
- tools such as axe and shovel attachable to clonk (spanning a bridge between the CR and OC style of item use)
- some minor UI adjustments for the new features
- inventory menu controllable by keyboard
- elevator

Release v0.1

Control Scheme
Thanks to Sven2 for the link to his classic scenario that already implements most of the classic controls. It was a real help and a good foundation for starting the work.
The controls are being reworked for release v0.2. The layout is that of CR (QWE-Block) with R being in use for the player menu. The scheme differs from OC:
- no interact key (not planned)
- hotkeys (planned, but not implemented, at the moment the OC hotkeys will not work)
- click and run
- control DownDouble grabs and releases vehicles. Switch between multiple vehicles with crew selection keys.
- use of Ctrl key for "forced" controls:
- control Ctrl+Up/Ctrl+Down enters/exits buildings. Pressing Up without Ctrl will jump in front of buildings
- control Ctrl+Crew Selection switches the crew while an object is grabbed
- context menu via Special2, contains all options that appear as interactions in the bottom of the screen
- inventory menu via Special Double. Left/Right selects items, Up/Down works like Mouse Left/Right, crew selection switches between containers.
- control Special shifts the inventory
Additionally, a tool system has been introduced that is close to the CR controls:
- a clonk can permanently attach up to two tools that he uses with Dig and DigDouble respectively
- as a default, the first tool is the shovel and the second tool is the axe (Dig digs, DigDouble chops trees)

As a result, the mouse is now only used for acessing the construction menu, everything else works via keyboard as well (which is a big prerequisite for bringing back split-screen gameplay!).

A CSS for the project page would be nice, so if anyone is willing to help...

Try it!
v0.3 from CCAN.
v0.2 from Clonk Center.
v0.1 from Clonk Center.
Eye Candy
The most important part :D

24.05.2014 07:58, EnsignTflk3 voted +, Influence 1
now it looks more like clonk ^^ great job!!
27.04.2014 11:37, CaptainMaddino voted +, Influence 1
I love the goal of your project. Exactly something like that need OC
28.03.2014 23:23, Professional AdminNachtfalter voted +, Influence 1
Macht Lust auf mehr!
28.03.2014 14:03, Ensignshadow of darkness voted +, Influence 1
Motivational plus!
27.03.2014 19:24, CaptainGecko voted +, Influence 1
26.03.2014 01:10, FounderTyron voted +, Influence 1
Looks promising, looking forward to it :D

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03.04.2016 21:29 from LieutenantMarky  
Es gibt Neuigkeiten: Version 0.3 ist jetzt soweit - sie wird mit dem Release 7.0 von OC spielbar sein, d.h. ihr müsst nicht umständlich einen Snapshot installieren und dann noch in Git meinen Nebenbranch auschecken. Allerdings möchte ich noch ein paar Bugs, die mir beim Testen aufgefallen sind, beheben. Es dauert diesmal nicht mehr so lange wie beim der letzten Ankündigung, versprochen!

21.02.2016 10:52 from LieutenantMarky  
Die Veröffentlichung hakt momentan daran, dass sie auf einem Nebenbranch von OC aufbaut, dieser ist noch nicht im Hauptbranch.

29.01.2016 17:18 from CaptainGecko  
Oh nice. Irgendwie dachte ich das Projekt sei mit den Milestones gestorben :D

26.01.2016 22:54 from LieutenantMarky  
Version 0.3 nähert sich einem Release :) Diesmal gibt es ein paar Szenarien und Siedeln

06.01.2016 20:35 from LieutenantMarky  
Interessant ist auf jeden Fall, dass die alte Steuerung extrem gewöhnungsbedürftig ist, wenn man eine Weile lang OpenClonk gespielt hat.

06.01.2016 18:28 from LieutenantMarky  
Das hier bekommt wieder ein bisschen Aufwind :)

01.07.2014 23:59 from ClonkJames  
Heya :)
Marky ist deine angegebene E-Mail-Adresse noch aktuell?

27.04.2014 19:11 from LieutenantMarky  
At the moment, OCC is on hold until I get some feedback, also I will be doing some Clonk Rage related stuff.

>I can help doing the CSS part, if you have a concept of how it should look!
I want to have boxes like in the Harkon project page, I'll send you a sketch.

>Also I gave you some more file space :)
Very cool, thanks!

26.04.2014 08:59 from FounderTyron  
>A CSS for the project page would be nice, so if anyone is willing to help...
I can help doing the CSS part, if you have a concept of how it should look!
Also I gave you some more file space :)

23.04.2014 22:00 from CaptainGecko  
Woa, 0.2 looks nice!