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Welcome to the FightOfClonkers Xtreme (FOCXtreme) project page!

This scenario based on FightOfReknolc from Roman.M
That scenario is fun for me, and then.. I got an idea for that FightOfReknolc :)
So, I start modify it with much change, Such as my object, script, and other

(Too look the full size image, click it)


Description for FOCXtreme V2.0

This mini game scenario called FightOfClonkers Xtreme is the another version of FightOfReknolc. With a many change, you can enjoy the Xtreme mode of the FightOfClonkers.

In the game, you will see an cyan clonk. It's your helper for defeating KI Enemy, not enemy player. Your clonk have an special features to defeating enemy player too.. Such as Xpolde Fish, Xplode mushroom, Laser, TeraFlint Adder, Rock Adder, Enemy Stopper, and much more!

You must have throwing skills for win in this scenario. Watch out for the sky too, it's raining flint! maybe, your clonk will die if you hit that flint..

This scenario have a smart script too..
If you just playing alone (1 Player), your goal is just defeating KI enemy.
But, if you playing with another player.. your goal is defeating KI Enemy and Melee!

If you not kill the KI Enemy in long time, the Xtreme Thunderstroms is come and 1 KI Enemy is come again!


To download, click at the Title :)
V3.0 (FOCXtreme)
*By Roman Müntener
-Germany Language
-KI & Edited Clonk
-Text Landscape
-3 Music
*By Roman Müntener
-2 Language
-Edited Clonk
-AI Player
-Sky added
-Decoration Respawn
-Text Landscape
*By ClonkerAbi
-English Language
-KI & Edited Clonk
-New Frindly AI clonk
-More Aggresive KI
-Title Name Changed
-Text Landscape
-3 Music
-Player Checker
-New Goal
-Sky Effect
-Xtreme Mode
-New Loader
*By ClonkerAbi
-English Language
-Coming Soon!


Thanks To

Matthes Bender (For creating clonk game ^^)
Roman Müntener (For creating this great scenario at KdD Contest - Crazy Melees)
Ngoc Minh Pham (For creating the boss at one great unvalid scenario (awa O.o) I'll add this at my FOCXtreme V3.0 ^^)

Vote, Comment.. Welcome :D
29.12.2011 14:33, EnsignSaipoon voted +, Influence 1
it's just like a game on doomday!
27.09.2011 12:51, LieutenantWhite Wolf voted +, Influence 1
Like Classic melee throwing bombs / flints

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29.12.2011 15:13 from MajorClonkerAbi  
Really? thanks xD

29.12.2011 14:30 from EnsignSaipoon  
that's will more deadly than my X-TREME XP!!

13.10.2011 13:25 from MajorClonkerAbi  
hey, that's great! :D
But, why you not publish that? looks great for me :)
If you publish that before, I'll not publish/create this scenario this time XD

09.10.2011 15:20 from ClonkFeuermonster  
Fun fact: Some years ago I created a real 'xtreme' foc version (called the U version, never published publicly) which looked like this: (there are also other screenshots at

27.09.2011 22:34 from MajorClonkerAbi  
>@WhiteWolf : Like Classic melee throwing bombs / flints
Thanks for your vote :)
But, yeah.. It's will hard to kill all enemy at FOCXtreme.. The enemies always come and come again ^^

27.09.2011 11:51 from MajorClonkerAbi  
Now, FOCXtreme is been added to the CCF. Vote, comment welcome! :D