Author: FounderTyron
Team: Lieutenantala, Ensignshadow of darkness, LieutenantMarky, MajorEnd, Clonkscaba
Last changed: 19.04.2014 19:56
Completion: Pre-Alpha
Date of publication: Some weeks perhaps?
User niveau: Excellent
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I'm making something Clonky again \o/

Perhaps like most of you, I'm shocked and appalled of the foreclosure of the official clonk forum. A game that has profoundly shaped my life is about to make a big leap towards oblivion. I prefer that not to happen. However, Clonk has become bland. Take Look at the standard objects pack - it has changed rather little since Clonk Planet. It's barely even using any of the wonderful new features that were added since GWE!



What I would like to do is to re-imagine as many of the original objects and resources as I can. Like, how would a Vegetation look like if it were developed in these days, now as we have *much* more CPU Power, more Bandwidth and Script functionality at Hand? 

  • More Effects and Objects! "Help! My PC doesn't lag anymore when I start Clonk!"
  • We've been using the same Sky-Clouds and Midi-Chiptunes for 10 years or more, I think it's time for some variety!
  • We need more natural enemies! Minecraft has respawning Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders, Wither Skeletons, Slimes, etc..... What does Clonk have? A non respawning amount of Monsters, Snakes and Sharks.
  • We need better goals! I think, after all these years, we've collected enough gold and produced enough settlement points to deserve some more meaningful goals ;-)
  • We need more interaction! Observing 2 Knights doing a sword fight all on their own is boring. We've got swords and axes, I wanna swing them too!
  • We need less Addons but not less Content! Western, Knights, Fantasy, Far Worlds... can't we make them all run from one Objects.c4d without chaos?

But most importantly, the whole project shouldn't be yet another addon pack. I would like it to be a complete replacement of Clonk Rages original Objects and Resources. Perhaps we can use it as a basis from where we can take Clonk into a new direction. There will not be that much new content I think, but there shall be so much much more detail in each and every feature.


Why for Clonk Rage and not OpenClonk? D:

  • CR Content and OC Content are not mutually exclusive and stuff can still be ported at a later time (e.g. Kanibal building CR=>OC Converter)
  • Because Nostalgia! <3
  • Despite many attempts, I still find myself disliking OC as a game and I don't see it as the future of Clonk (yet)
  • Developing in CR is easy and familiar for me.


Currently working on

  • For Release v0.3
    • Animal AI
    • BetterStartupBuildings
    • Music Manager
    • Better Trees
    • Animal respawning

Already usable Features


  • Lots of Tweaks (Better Clonk Controls, Sawmill is obsolete - we've got Insta-Tree-Chop'n'Saw, Zaptrees!, New Materials Grass/Loam/Flint)
  • Better Vegetation: Rewritten Vegetation Placement, a super easy-to-use configurable Enviroment Object that replaces the Engine generated Vegetation. No more just a couple trees on top of dirt. There shall be lush forests, Stalactites+Mushrooms in Caves and Vines hanging from the Skylands! 
  • Better Animals: Rewritten Animal Placement - finally no more fish placed in lava! Lots of customizable options like with BetterVegetation. 2 new placement Types: Underground & Burrow
  • Better Earth Objects: Rewritten Earth Objects Placement - finally no more falling flints right at Gamestart! Lots of customizable options like BetterVegetation, Varius new placement types, e.g. you can place objects near to certain materials (e.g. coal near coal material)
  • Better Day/Night change
  • 1 Settlement Scenario
  • Ambient Sound Manager



Click me!

Im looking for (send these my way if you got any of them)


All the content made by me (Tyron) is free to use for anything. Some other content, like most sound effects and music tracks are under a CreativeCommons License and might need to be checked individually.

10.11.2015 17:46, ClonkDeutscherJ voted +, Influence 1
The project presentation could be better, but I really like the idea and I'm looking forward to play the complete package! :)
17.04.2014 12:17, MajorWipfmagus voted +, Influence 1
Ich habe längst noch nicht alle Bestandteile dieses Projekts getestet, aber was ich getestet habe, gefällt mir ausgezeichnet. So sehr ich Erweiterungspacks liebe, finde ich, im "clonkigen" Kernbereich des Spiels hat sich in letzter Zeit viel zu wenig getan. Es freut mich sehr, zu sehen, dass der Golden-Wipf-Ansatz mal wieder aufgegriffen wird - das Originalpack zu modernisieren und verschönern, ist ein großartiges und wichtiges Projekt, das das Überleben von Clonk Rage sichern könnte
22.03.2014 23:22, Clonkmaxiking1659 voted +, Influence 1
Hoffentlich die Wiedergeburt von Clonk, da es ja immer weiter bergab geht.
Klares + Vote, Hoffentlich wirds was.
21.03.2014 17:09, EnsignTOP-Secret voted +, Influence 1
Durch die Musik wirkt Siedeln viel entspannender als mit der (Meiner meinung nach) aufputschendem Standardmusik.
Das ist eine klares Plus. Außerdem ist es ein Schritt wie die GWE nur das sie GZP heißt.
19.03.2014 14:01, CaptainMaddino voted +, Influence 1
Welcome back Tyron :)

nice ideas and nice project! ++

specially the new fight modus is very interesting
but also the new music! :)

I'm curious how it will go on!
18.03.2014 15:18, EnsignTflk3 voted +, Influence 1
Great Idea!!! so +++ ^^
But that Sounds like much to Work....
Unfortunately, my programming experience is limited... otherwise I would love to help where I can ^^ (Look at "Ant-Pack" there are my script's but the most of them with help from Clonkspot...)
18.03.2014 13:45, EnsignFoaly voted +, Influence 1
Sounds great.
Maybe I could do some minor stuff when there is something to do.
16.03.2014 19:25, LieutenantxXxStormhunter20xXx voted +, Influence 1
I like the idea about the "permanent Volcano".
Thats a great Project!
16.03.2014 18:00, MajorPitri voted +, Influence 1
Looks great so far. I'm curious how this project will progress. :)
16.03.2014 11:13, ColonelMichael14 voted +, Influence 1
It's nice to see that there are still others who share the same passion of the original;
Hopefully you will get your support and complete your project =)

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04.08.2016 17:33 from ClonkSerpens66  
If you continue your work some day, you should take a look at my unfinished pack here
Because I think we have the same goal to improve Clonk :)

10.09.2015 20:59 from FounderTyron  
>Soo... still going on or just taking a small break? =P

Not at the moment. Very busy with Work, Reallife and Vintagecraft

17.07.2015 20:07 from ColonelMichael14  
Soo... still going on or just taking a small break? =P

30.08.2014 14:20 from FounderTyron  
Now also added support for the Sailboat \o/

30.08.2014 12:47 from Captainsssssssssomesmiley  
I love the vehicle transporting blimp, now we finally can have epic sky battles or transport lorries on the top of a hill :)

27.08.2014 19:36 from FounderTyron  
Not possible just yet, but I thought of implementing that via Special 2 key.
Currently you can control the transported vehicle if the transporting vehicle is in idle mode, or does not require the key (e.g. controlthrow with blimps)
Last change: 27.08.2014 19:37

27.08.2014 18:20 from LieutenantMarky  
The vehicle transporter looks useful :) How can one cycle through the vehicles?

02.07.2014 11:16 from CaptainMaddino  
the news are unbelievable
great work!

23.06.2014 07:40 from FounderTyron  
Yeah I agree that the water is too transparent.

>(in my test case the fishes cost about 1/3 of the performance)
1/3 in comparison to what? The old Fish A.I.? If the new Fish A.I. only requires 33% more CPU Cycles then thats a really good result actually.
In any case, on my half decent (Core i7-3537U @2GHZ, Geforce GTM630) Laptop, I've got 200 Fish swimming in Tropical.c4s and still running at 36-37 FPS which is the upper fps limit I think? That result is just my goal for GZE... use so much CPU/Memory that my Laptop can handle it without notable lag ;-)
Last change: 23.06.2014 14:21

22.06.2014 21:55 from MajorEnd  
I think the water should only be a little bit less transparent. (it's technically only possible using the sky as background i think)