Author: MajorClonkerAbi
Team: EnsignFoaly, LieutenantWhite Wolf, ClonkMister X
Last changed: 13.09.2011 13:57
Completion: Planning
User niveau: Excellent
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This is a project about adventure, who wan't to add your own object for task object at Quest.. Let's tell admin here :D
You can look the newest news at the 'News'.. It's updated Fastest if I have an news for you all :)
Thanks for participation and happy looking!


Foaly, White Wolf, Wasserwipf, Mister X


A clonk, he lives in the mountain. He always bored, because nothing can be doing. At the tomorrow, that clonk is locking the door. He want to leave the house and start a new life. After the clonk is walking so far from the house, he looking a small village. And then, he walking to that village. Well, the Quest is begin!


01-10-2011 : Thunderstroms time was included into 'Quest'! That is a environment features for this project :)

19-09-2011 : 6 Music is founded for Quest project. You can download 1 of them here. That is very fun music for Quest project i think.. :)

18-09-2011 : We adding 2 screenshot of features preview. For more information, look at screenshot of Quest project :)

17-09-2011 : Now, we started changing script and adding StringTbl for bilingual clonk dialogue. That is German and English language. It's will spend more time to finishing Quest project.

16-09-2011 : Now, 'Quest' project is searching an BetaTesters who can translating english language to german language. And, we searching an BetaTesters who can fixing the english text too..

14-09-2011 : Quest project is added into CCF now.. Let everyone seen this project and say 'Hi!' to the CCF members!

13-09-2011 : Wan't your object is added to be task object at the 'Quest' project? Let's tell us here! :D

13-09-2011 : I'll freeze this project for an time.. Because I busy now. sry :(

06-09-2011 : Trying to creating the effect and another talking people.. Don't forget to try the unfinished features scenario.. Just 3 features is added into DemoVersion. Download DemoVersion Here! :)

05-09-2011 : Toturial object for Quest scenario is finished! Now, we trying to adding much music~! :D

04-09-2011 : The 'Toturial' object will help you at the Quest Scenario! Now, we trying to create the object..

03-09-2011 : A new idea for Quest is been developed, many great Features will be added!

07-08-2011 : Thinking a new task for 'Quest', soo I will change this project's status is 'NotActived'

06-08-2011 : The object is too much! And I search the next 'task' for the quest..

03-08-2011 : Actived again :)

16-07-2011 : Sry again.. Much another work is come to the next day. This project is NotActived until the news is created again.

16-07-2011 : The castle with clonk inside it's have been created! :D

14-07-2011 : My own Walking Speaking clonk have been finished!! It's have long time to create it, 3 Hours!! XD

12-07-2011 : This project is active again! Now, The structures is still been creating.. I wondering the castle with clonk inside :D

09-07-2011 : Sry, the holiday is finished.. Not enough time to finishing this project. BTW, you can still waiting & see the screenshot :p

05-07-2011 : Horray! The ScreenShot was created! You can see the features at the screenshot now! :D

03-07-2011 : Landscape is still been creating, 2 new speacial house is created, and the clonk is still been edited..

02-07-2011 : Music is choosing and Object is still been creating.. Much speaking clonk will added in the game! That clonk will give you quest. Soo, still wait for that! :D

01-07-2011 : New Story, New Features, New News. Now, the Crew is creating one by one! :D

30-06-2011 : The quest project is created! It is a RPG scenario. much things, civil, and many other is will come in this scenario!


This is the 'Quest' features, you can look it here..
-Many Civil & People
-Much Task
-Big Landscape
-An Special House
-Edited Clonk Graphics
-Fun & Interest Object
-Great Effect
-Information/Task Helper
-Icons helper
-Every people was have edited portrait
-Much Music
-Requester's Object


This is an screenshot of the features at the Quest scenario. Much things can be displayed, but because I not have more time, I cannot share it..
Nah, this is 5 Features at this time!

ScreenShot Description/Information Old/New
Look at the house, this is a special house. Like a normally house, right? yes.. But, if you come to the inside of the house.. It's will amazing you :D

This is a cabin, looks like a normaly cabin. In the inside, you can see clonk or object inside. Of course, this object will be added in the this project too.

If you open the cabin's door, you will see the inside room of the cabin. And of course, the object or the clonk will placed at the inside.
Old Features
This house is available to allow you come in the inside of this house.. In this scenario, don't forget to speaking with clonk in the inside of this house..

If you going to the inside of this house, the outside clonk and object will to be removed. And if you going to the outside of this house, the inside clonk and the object will to be removed. how fantastical :D

btw, thanks for 'matthes' for create a 'AccessibleHut'. It's give me the inspiration :)
Old Features
This project is creating an civil too, we can talking with that civil. That civil will give us a task, n he will give us a reward if u can complete he's task..

Look at the picture, that is the example. The clonk name is 'Grabert' (He will added in this project too). He say "I will leave this town if my special things was founded"
At the text, you know if Grabert want to leave the town if u give him a special things.
The clue of the special things can be founded if you wan't to asking and asking.
Old Features
An IconHelper and some edited portrait have been added to the Quest Project. The example is a people named "Grabert". A (?) icon is mean 'asking', and (x) icon is mean 'ExitDialogue'. It's will help you to finishing the task :)

That is 2 IconHelpers of 4 IconHelpers. For more toturial about IconHelpers, we is created a object called Toturial Laptop.
New Features
Mountain effect, it's will able you to view an moving house from the mountain ^^
This project's gameplay is at the mountain. so, we need a MountainEffect for the Quest project of course.

Actually, the moving house is just a background.. Like the Mountain. Yeah, just for adding great effect at the mountain :)
New Features


Quest, OverAndOver Music : Download Here!
Quest, DemoFeaturesVersion : Download Here! (For more information at the features included, look at script.c in the demo version scenario)
Quest, FullVersion : Not Available Yet
15.09.2011 12:14, LieutenantWhite Wolf voted +, Influence 1
I hope you'll soon release the... at least the beta version :)
14.09.2011 20:54, LieutenantNuddle voted +, Influence 1
I like the graphical style of your adventure :D

I hope you'll finish your work ;)

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25.06.2012 14:55 from MajorClonkerAbi  
Reminds me at this project again O.o
kay, some progress about this project =

Objects : 75%
Szen : 20%

hm.. I'll continuing this project later if possible :)
P.S : This szen's goal is finishing all people's task.. simply but required long time to do it xD

24.06.2012 15:46 from CaptainMaddino  
inaktiv :(

11.06.2012 18:12 from LieutenantxXxStormhunter20xXx  
I like this Projekt!
Its good.

17.12.2011 14:56 from LieutenantWhite Wolf  
>Sry, now we haven't idea for continue the project..
If you have an idea for this project, we will take it for the development :D It's will very helpfull, thanks!

could you tell us how the story first, then maybe we can come up with some ideas, how the story gonna be doin' and continue ;)

11.10.2011 10:05 from MajorClonkerAbi  
Thanks for like it! :)

Sry, now we haven't idea for continue the project..
If you have an idea for this project, we will take it for the development :D It's will very helpfull, thanks!

06.10.2011 11:34 from EnsignBraun  
nice project..
i love quests and adventure style
P.S. Nice City style :D

25.09.2011 06:00 from MajorClonkerAbi  
Oh, thanks.. You like it ^^
Now, I still creating an effect for 'Quest', added some music, and more..
I'm confused about the dialogue, I haven't idea for that.

25.09.2011 05:36 from EnsignPflaster  

21.09.2011 11:14 from MajorClonkerAbi  
I have added some authors for music's maker, at music.c4g :)
So, there is no problem..

21.09.2011 10:49 from MajorBloodrain  
The point is: Is it legal to use it? You didn't make it yourself, so there's copyright.