Author: EnsignVagner
Team: LieutenantxXxStormhunter20xXx*
Betatesting: EnsignDarkwolf
Last changed: 18.05.2014 01:18
Looking for: Scripter,Grafiker
Completion: Pre-Alpha
User niveau: Excellent
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Download here, from CCAN:

Knight Settlers 2 Remake Test Map

A few tips: Upgrade the base and new construction are available, new upgrades are available and limit the population growth of 5. You can charge fees at its base to win gold. But be careful not to stay with low popularity.


Knight Settlers 2 Remake( KS2R) is a remake of the project Knight Settlers 2.
In KS2R there are a lot of bugs fixed. There are also new features.


Some explanations in an image of the game.



You can expand the base up to four times. Each development will allow new construction and upgrades are released. Also you can change the level of taxes, and the level of food distributed. This will affect your popularity and immigration clonks.


This is a mine.
Here it is possible to extract gold, coal, ore, crystal and rock.
During work the clonk gets hungry and thirsty.
The clonk puts the extracted material into a bucket.
The clonk can get the material from the bucket and use it.


In a farm a clonk can produce wheat, flour and bread. The farm contains of two buildings, the farm and the windmill.
First the clonk cultivates wheat. If the clonk has wheat he can produce flour.
At last the clonk can make bread out of flour.
You can expand the farm three times. You can create a corral at the bottom, or create an orchard at the top or create a fish pond at the bottom.


In the waterwork a clonk can get water.
You just have to press "up" to dig a well shaft which then is being filled with water.
Then the clonk gets a bucket, fills it with water and put it in the waterwork.
If the well shaft is empty the waterwork fills it with new water.

If you clonk work in sawmill, he will looks for trees to chop them. If the tree is chopped the clonk cuts it into twigs and a log.
The sawmill can make wood out of logs, coal out of twigs.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence can...
...use all buildings. and re-buy materials.
...Create new Cloncks.
...Look for enemy to fight.
...Ride in horse and Griffon to fight.
...Equip Weapon.
and more...


Vagner:project manager/ scripter
xXxStormhunter20xXx:graphic designer
nweber:web designer
26.05.2014 14:41, ClonkAvenger voted +, Influence 1
It's a very nice project! Well done!
25.05.2014 12:25, Lieutenantala voted +, Influence 1
Looks awesome, and straight forward.
18.04.2014 11:21, CaptainGecko voted +, Influence 1
Wow, awesome Textures. :D
I like the High-Contrast-Style.
08.09.2013 19:11, MajorChocobo voted o, Influence 1
Even though I'm inactive in the Clonk Community I will vote here.

On the first look, the page is pretty OK. It fits the topic, but the quality is a bit... low.

Then the content of the project:

The last time I played Knight Settlers... I have no clue when this was. Just remember some parts of it and that it was very unfinished.

On the other hand, the page is lacking structure. You are writing about a new Combat-System, and so on, but you don't tell us what's your goal.

How shall the game be, when it is done? How shall it feel? Does it include tactics or strategies you can use during the game?

I really appreciate your work, and hope you will come far along with this project, though I can only give you a [o]-Vote.

(Also, you might just try to write more in english. Use a translator if you are unsure about words. I already noticed you are not a native english speaker.)
19.08.2013 20:48, ColonelMichael14 voted +, Influence 1
This project deserves an up-vote solely for beeing active =D
But it Looks nice and professional as well, hope you'll get it finished =)
17.07.2013 16:56, CaptainDragonclonk voted +, Influence 1
I do not play CR anymore but it's nice to see the project activity. It looks interesting.
18.06.2013 22:29, ClonkJazo voted +, Influence 1
Very good ideas,
please keep going!
22.03.2013 16:00, CaptainMaddino voted +, Influence 1
nice project, remains active!

+ vote, everyone know why ;)
11.12.2012 22:54, ClonkRobby voted +, Influence 1
a clonker in brazil? No matter what dude, your getting a +vote!
no seriously it looks good, im looking forward to play it!
09.12.2012 20:07, Professional AdminNachtfalter voted +, Influence 1
08.12.2012 18:12, LieutenantSven2 voted +, Influence 1
I like the simplicity of the presentation and I like settlement. Plus vote from me :-)

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22.05.2014 22:53 from EnsignVagner  
Hi Mupf. My english is bad, and i don`t  know german. Your help will be good. I will invite you to join the project..

22.05.2014 22:05 from EnsignMupf  
I dont have time to download and test it right now, but the concept seems awesome.
Do you have somebody to translate everything to German yet?
I would offer to do that, as well as correct some of the English stuff if I notice mistakes :)
Last change: 22.05.2014 22:05

18.05.2014 19:21 from EnsignVagner  
Hi Marky!
I changed the game.
- Now there is a recruitment pool that fills as fast as clonks are generated.
- inside the castle you have the option "Buy" where the clonk will be available 5 for small tower, 10 for double tower and so on
I created two new icon on the top. Now when you change the tax/ration, you know the popularity effect.
I did the upload on CCAN as 0.52

18.05.2014 14:42 from LieutenantMarky  
I prefer it this way:
- there is a recruitment pool that fills as fast as clonks are generated now.
- inside the castle you have the option "Recruit clonk (x/y available)" where y = 5 for small tower, 10 for double tower and so on
- then clonks spawn only when you want to. This is less confusiing then 5 or so clonks who stand outside the castle and crew selection takes a long time

18.05.2014 13:37 from EnsignVagner  
Hi Marky, thanks for the commentary!
- The free building have no purpose, only test the game without enemy.
- New clonks appear very fast, but there are a limit: 5 small tower, 10 double tower, 15 big castle, 20 stronghold.
What should you do? If you put a clonk to work in a building, you will lose his control, and he will working like a friend. if you have a lot of clonks, put they to working in buildings.
- If don't you know what to do: "Play against Computer(AI Total Control)" mode and activate the AI for all clonks. The Ai will control everything, and you will learn how to play.
"pressing up/left/right in the castle teleports you to the point where a tower would be"  - The bug was removed. I did a new Upload.

This was only a experimental map. The objective is collect new ideas, and change the game to be good.
Give me ideas, and i will implement on the game.

18.05.2014 11:04 from LieutenantMarky  
Downloaded it, there are lots of suprises!

Good stuff:
- the caves are cool
- items are visible in clonks hands

- you have a lot of money in the "free build" option. I don't even know what to build or why. There is no purpose
- new clonks appear very fast. What should I do with all of them? Activate AI?

- pressing up/left/right in the castle teleports you to the point where a tower would be. In the base buildings there are no towers, so you teleport outside.

25.08.2013 14:47 from Lieutenant Colonelconstantin  
>What happened on Cultures Clonk?
>Why the project was stopped?
School and a computer crash. :/

22.08.2013 11:28 from EnsignVagner  
What happened on Cultures Clonk?
Why the project was stopped?
If The Cultures Clonks don't continue any more...
And if you want...
We can import good features from Cultures Clonks to here.
Last change: 23.08.2013 03:58

22.08.2013 10:52 from Lieutenant Colonelconstantin  
Reminds me on Cultures Clonk (own project...)
Some features are equal like the sawmill, the farm, the fountain, the level system, the battering ram and the tower made of wood, we had also the idea with the rocks,
but some things are missing like loam or a trade system between players and a tech-tree ^^

22.08.2013 01:05 from CaptainDMan  
Thank you, Vagner. :)