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Unread Von FounderTyron am 23.03.2009 22:27  
I'd like to welcome here all non native German speakers as well as enthusiastic English speaking Germans ;)

I would love to hear from people who sign up here and cannot read German. The CCF Teams goal is to include the English community as well as possible, so we would like to hear how we can improve that. If you feel discriminated - directly (like, people tell you to speak German) or indirectly (like, limited possibilities) - please let us know!

Unread Von Professional AdminClonkonaut am 24.03.2009 00:17  
Everything's in English I can't read any German :'(

Unread Von FounderTyron am 24.03.2009 00:19  
Don't mess up my topic with ur postings :(

Unread Von Professional AdminClonkonaut am 24.03.2009 00:48  

Unread Von Professional AdminBoni am 25.03.2009 10:55  
Clonkonaut fails!

Unread Von ClonkK-Pone am 27.03.2009 20:32  
No, he just forgot his mothertongue^^

Unread Von Professional AdminClonkonaut am 28.03.2009 03:27  
What. My muzzletov?

Unread Von ClonkBen10Joshua am 28.03.2009 22:11  
I am Native to English and I have an Idea! What about changing the English part of the forum so that when you do stuff in it (Reply to posts, Make new threads etc.) the titles and sdescriptiosn and everything appears in English instead of german? That would help a lot!

Unread Von Professional AdminClonkonaut am 29.03.2009 16:39  
Oh, yeah. That's part of the "not yet translated" part ;) Will be coming soon.

Unread Von ClonkGd86 am 31.03.2009 07:21  
Have you thought about making a tool to link the page to babelfish so that people could get a rough description of the german content on the page? its not perfect (by a long shot) but it could possibly save some hairs from being pulled.

Unread Von FounderTyron am 01.04.2009 01:28  
ok, i added this now. Theres now a [Translate] link under each project title when you watch the website in english. Any useful like this?

Unread Von ClonkGd86 am 01.04.2009 04:59  
Indeed it is very useful and the translations even make sense most of the time. a HUGE improvement.

Unread Von ClonkBen10Joshua am 06.05.2009 21:07  
Yeah, I like that Translate thing! Thanks for putting it in, it makes the website much easier to use!!

 CCF Forum / General / Welcome to the new english board
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