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Unread Von ColonelMichael14 am 12.06.2010 09:58  

English. Not really that difficult but...well, sometimes the text still sucks.

The released project Codename: Modern Combat (or short CMC) has full English translations for every existing text in the pack which is quite a lot of stuff.

We would like to hear feedback about that text from our English-playing clonkers around here who actually see those translations ;)
We of course proofreaded the text ourselfs but nobody is perfect so there can still be some spelling errors which could be reported.

Thanks in advance and to the few guys who allready reported some flaws!

Unread Von ColonelMichael14 am 27.06.2010 13:18  
Well... there aren't many English speaking players registered here, I mean, what did I expect =P

Unread Von Majoradidadidu am 27.06.2010 13:21  
yes ^^
no one is writting in the english section...

Unread Von ColonelMichael14 am 27.06.2010 14:02  
And you are just writting here to get some points! xD
By the way. How the hell did I post twice -.-

Unread Von FounderTyron am 30.06.2010 23:07  
Indeed a pity, might aswell just remove the whole board :/
I deleted the double post.

Unread Von Professional AdminNachtfalter am 01.07.2010 01:23  
Maybe we should throw some advertisement into the english Clonk Forum.

Unread Von ColonelMichael14 am 01.07.2010 16:30  
Thanks for the deletion.
I always wished for a small "community" window in the network screen ingame. Links to clonk pages could be listed and news reported... also in English of course. That only exists as a small text message in the newest version of clonk =/
Guys new to clonk won't get any information if they don't look for it themselfs, and asking ingame will result in "noob!" reactions =P

 CCF Forum / General / Codename: Modern Combat - Proofread
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